15 Items Every Bride Needs to Pack for Her Honeymoon

I may not be a bride yet but after traveling to 30 something countries and frequently flying long haul flights to the Middle East, I’ve picked up a few favorite carry on items over the years that I can’t leave home without. I should preface by saying I am a minimalist in every aspect of my life - I prefer to buy high quality, simple items that will last for years. I also personally believe that you shouldn't have to run out and buy a thousand new things just for one trip. By selecting and testing these items, I can guarantee you will use them for future trips to come and in your every day life as well. 

Here are the 15 carry on items every bride should pack for her Honeymoon. The links are embedded in the photos in case you want to purchase for yourself!

KUSH High Volume Mascara by Milk 

I was always a drugstore mascara kind of girl until I tried this one. The cannabis oil does wonders for your lashes as it hydrates and thickens them. I love that I’ve seen less lashes fall out when I wash my face at night and that the mascara stays in place all day without smudging or flaking. There is a perfect travel size for you to take in your carry on and touch up on the go. 

Evo Moisturizer Mask

This mask does wonders for my long hair. It’s thick enough to use as a conditioner and can be put in dry hair at the beach or during an exercise class. It’s got a heavenly argan oil scent and makes your hair so soft and easy to brush after. It's a perfect replacement for conditioner.

Tatcha Oil Cleanser

I just discovered this face wash and I’m already obsessed. It’s a lightweight oil that foams up with a little water and even though you only swipe it on for about 10 seconds, it removes all of your makeup! I only had the slightest hint of foundation after using this so it’s perfect for travel when you don’t feel like bringing a ton of products (or when you’re trying to wash your face in a tiny airplane sink). 

Desert Essence Lip Rescue 

I have a horrible habit of touching my lips and no matter what I tried, they were always flaky and irritated. I tried fancy brands, I tried natural oils, and I tried sugar scrubs but this little chapstick was the only thing that healed my chapped lips. The shea butter and beeswax are ultra hydrating and will do the trick for those long haul flights. 

Laneige Lip Mask

Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with hydrated lips? This mask is perfect for when you’re feeling a little extra and it will add a ton of moisture and plumpness. It lasts for hours so I’d recommend putting it on before you snooze. 

Belief Aqua Bomb Moisturizer

It goes without saying that you need a great moisturizer for your flight (and for sunny days at the beach). This cult favorite is super hydrating and some describe it as a “drink of water” for your skin. It’s also slightly cooling and great for sensitive skin. You can apply it multiple times throughout your flight and you’ll have that dewey look on arrival. 

Tocca Travel Size Perfume 

Ever since I worked for Anthropologie, the Tocca brand has been my favorite perfume and signature scent. They are all very long lasting but not too overpowering.“Cleopatra” is my favorite and gets tons of compliments. 

Pro tip: Airports and airplanes are smelly places (I once saw a couple changing a diaper on a table in THE FOOD COURT) so I spray my perfume on my scarf to wrap around my nose whenever I need a break from the ahem...stink.

Water Bottle / Reusable Coffee Mug

I’m sure you already have a great water bottle you love but why not increase your sustainability even more and add a refillable coffee mug to your travel routine. I love this one from travel blogger Elsa’s Wholesome Life and the little pop top makes sure you won’t have any spills. 

Josefinas Ballet Flats

These flats are the comfiest flats I’ve ever owned! They are made from buttery soft leather that mold to your feet and the cute fabric inside is a nice touch. You could even commemorate your Honeymoon by having them monogrammed with your new initials. They feel like slippers so they are perfect for the flight or for strolling through the cobblestone streets of Europe. Supporting Josefina’s mission of helping other women (and ditching the uncomfy heels) is just icing on the cake.

Compression Socks

These are not just for your grandma! Even young people can get blood clots so compression socks are a lifesaver, especially if you’ve spent the past few nights in heels (hello, wedding night dancing!). This pair will do the trick to bring swelling down and be comfy enough for a long flight. 

Wide Leg Pants

Did you know that wearing leggings can wreak havoc on your body during a flight? Not to mention that outside of America, virtually no one wears them. Ditch the leggings for a pair of breezy wide leg pants and you’ll be much more comfortable, cool, and chic during the flight. 

Bathing Suit

You should always carry your swimsuit in your carry on bag. Unless you’ve worked with a Virtuoso advisor to guarantee an early check in (hi, hello, me), it’s likely your room won’t be ready yet at the hotel. For a speedy visit to the beach or pool, make sure you’re carrying your suit in your bag so you can jump right in. 

Jet Lag Pills

These little pills are my secret to traveling well. I was skeptical for sure - could homeopathic pills REALLY prevent jet lag? I already am pretty good at avoiding it (plenty of rest, no alcohol, eat on arrival) but I was amazed how much of a difference they made. For example, a few years ago when I came back from Hawaii, I was jet lagged for days and struggled to wake up on time. When I went to Australia for 3 weeks, I expected a similar feeling but was amazed when I woke up at 8am the morning after my flight with no side effects. These worked for me!

Electronics Organizer

My biggest pet peeve is when my electronic cords get tangled in my bag. I love this easy to pack, roll up organizer that won’t take up too much space. It will be especially easier to reach when you’re desperate to charge your phone on the flight and don’t want to dig through your bag to find your charger. 

The Perfect Tote Bag

Of course, you need the perfect tote to carry all of these great products aboard your flight. I prefer a bag with really thick straps, one that can easily slip over my suitcase, and one that zips to close. I also find that real leather bags tend to wear out faster than my cheap H&M ones - go figure! Leave your nicest bags at home since there’s a chance they’ll get more beat up during travel. Also, leave your beach bag at home since it will take up too much space and request one from the hotel instead. 

Bonus: Carry On Cocktail Kit

Just for fun of course!