How To Get Free Room Upgrades at Four Seasons Hotels

How To Get Free Room Upgrades at Four Seasons Hotels

If you’ve stayed at a Four Seasons before, it’s likely you’ll never want to stay at another brand again. This collection of worldwide hotels is the epitome of luxury and the continuity of service between all hotels makes them an easy choice when planning a vacation. 

The best part? A Four Seasons bed! 

The Four Seasons Firenze, Italy

The beds are made exclusively for Four Seasons but you can purchase them online to recreate at home. If you know how heavenly a Four Seasons bed is, you know it’s worth the price!

Besides the service, the exclusivity, and the extremely comfortable beds, there are a number of ways the Four Seasons hotels can make your stay even more special. The best way to optimize your stay is to book through a Four Seasons Preferred Partner. 

A Preferred Partner is part of an exclusive, invite only network that allows clients to receive the VIP treatment, promotions, free room upgrades and more - with no extra cost. Only a handful of travel agencies around the country belong to this program and I happen to be one of them. Often, my clients will save hundreds of dollars at Four Seasons just by booking through me!

So what do you receive?

✨Access to special offers such as guaranteed room upgrades a time of booking or at check in, complimentary airport transfers, complimentary room nights and more! 

✨Access to special benefits at every Four Seasons hotel, such as complimentary breakfasts, resort credits and special welcome amenities.

✨VIP Status. Hotel management and staff knows your name and anticipates your arrival.

✨First priority for the best room and  suite inventory.

✨Best available rates, not found anywhere else.

The Four Seasons Resort Lanai, Hawai'i

The benefits are just a small part of the overall experience. Due to our very personal connections (I consider many Four Seasons employees good friends!), we are able to pull strings in all sorts of circumstances.

I'll give you an example. My client, A., booked a fabulous getaway to the Four Seasons Budapest. To save a little, he decided to book the fully pre-paid, non-refundable rate. We went back and forth to confirm dates and finalized every detail. I followed up with him a few weeks before his trip to confirm his arrival and he realized he had booked the wrong dates! Since it was a non-refundable rate, he was nervous that he would still be charged.

It was just another day for me though! I quickly e-mailed my Four Seasons partner and they waived all fees and allowed him to change the dates with no extra charge. It just went to show the power of a preferred partner.

The Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest

Here's what A had to say about the experience:

"Marisa was fantastic from start to finish. "

"My partner and I were traveling to a new city for a friend's wedding. She was super responsive to all my emails and really comprehensive in her replies. We selected a great Four Seasons Preferred Partner pre-paid rate at the city's premier hotel. Later on closer to the time, I found I had made a mistake with dates. Marisa took this in her stride and was able to negotiate with the venue to adjust the pre-paid rate. A huge perk from working with a real person and agency, to leverage their skills and relationships. The stay was great and the complimentary room upgrade was a huge perk and well worth it!"

A's story is just one of many and I pride myself to go above and beyond for my clients!

Have I convinced you yet that a Preferred Partner agency is the way to book your stay? If so, it's easy to get started. Just click on the WORK WITH ME link to set up an appointment or email me at with your trip details.

Whether it's a Honeymoon, an anniversary, or a family trip, a Four Seasons hotel is the perfect choice for your next vacation. Get in touch below to start planning your vacation and receive free room upgrades and more at any Four Seasons hotel!