The Ultimate Guide to Virtuoso Hotels in Cabo, Mexico

Beach at Grand Velas, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

I wasn’t sure if I would like Cabo. With my complexion being equivalent to that of a Victorian era ghost and my ability to get tipsy after 2 drinks, I’ve never really been cut out for the lie on the beach and drink all you can vacation experience.

Cabo was different than what I expected and I was surprised how much I loved it. On landing, it’s lush, green, and mountainous. Since most of the hotels are at least a 20 to 30 minute drive from the airport, you’ll be treated to these beautiful landscapes. Once you’re in Cabo, you have several hotel choices along the peninsula and they are each so unique and different that you really need to do your research before choosing an option. 

An important thing to note before you go is that the beaches are rarely swimmable in Cabo so you should choose this destination if you want to experience great food, crashing waves, sports, and time in the sun. 

In this post, I’ll show you the difference between several Virtuoso hotels and help you choose where to stay in Los Cabos!

Grand Velas lobby, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel


The Mexican owned Grand Velas is in a class of its own. There really is nothing like it in the region or in the Caribbean. There are so many little details about this property that make it a great fit for couples and families alike. 

To start, you are greeted with a spa treatment and a refreshing drink. The dramatic lobby is open to the ocean breezes and once you step out on the terrace, you are treated to stunning flower filled views of the pools and beach below. 

This property opened in 2016 and it still looks brand new and fresh. The rooms are contemporary and designed with soft, natural colors. They are very spacious with a little seating area, a private ocean view balcony, and large bathrooms. The rooms easily connect for families. 

Grand Velas Ambassador Suite, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

There is even a baby or kid concierge on staff so prior to arrival, you can have the room arranged with all of the necessities and even a little play tent. 

Without a doubt, the Grand Class Oceanfront suites were some of the best ocean views we saw during our trip. These rooms have nearly 360 degree views of the turquoise ocean and the private balcony includes your own jacuzzi tub. 

Back on property grounds, there are 3 pools to choose from, including an infinity adult’s only pool that overlooks the ocean. Poolside service is excellent and they come around every few minutes offering popsicles, drinks, and even massages. 

Grand Velas pool, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

For the little ones, they have a splash area and there are books and games around the pool to keep everyone entertained.

The most important part of this all inclusive? The food! 

There are 5 restaurants to choose from and a variety of cuisines so you won’t get bored. It is fresh, delicious, and absolutely nothing like the typical all inclusives you might picture. The drinks are equally delicious. In your room, the mini bar is stocked with great snacks and I was impressed even by the number of teas to choose from!

You will literally want for nothing during your stay here.

Grand Velas, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

In addition to the great pools, the beautiful beach with big crashing waves, and the 5 restaurants, Grand Velas also has a phenomenal spa program that incorporates a few touches of the indigenous Mexican culture and blessings. Don’t miss the water ceremony that involves water treatments and a sit in the steam room with a special clay mask. 

I really enjoyed how compact the hotel was and how easy it was to get around. In high season, it could possibly feel crowded but off peak times, it is perfect for couples.

My final takeaway: book the Grand Velas if you are looking for an easy, stress - free, relaxing vacation with amazing service and delicious food. Perfect for those who need a few nights getaway and don’t want to leave the hotel and families who want to spend quality time together without worrying about too many details. 


Montage Los Cabos lobby, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

This hotel is a stunner. Wow, what an entrance! 

When the Montage announced their new hotel opening in 2018, everyone in the travel industry was rightfully excited. The Montage brand is synonymous with great service and curated experiences and the property and it lives up to expectations. 

Unlike the rest of the hotels on this list, it’s in a more secluded area away from the other high rise hotels and busy beaches. A protected cove ensures that it is one of the best swimmable beaches in the area. The rock formations and cliffs are quite striking. 

The hotel itself is spread out (don’t worry, there are golf carts readily available) but no structure is higher than two stories so everything naturally blends into the landscape and the meticulously manicured grounds. 

Montage Los Cabos

The pools are secluded and private and there are beachside restaurants and cabanas available but the real gem of the property is the spa. At 40,000 square feet, it is the largest spa in the area and not only do they have impressive treatment rooms, they also have massive outdoor spaces including multiple private pools and outdoor showers. 

The rooms themselves are very contemporary using textiles and warm wood tones to bring in the Mexican feeling. The views could be better but as with the grounds, the rooms are impeccably designed.  

Other unique features are the popsicle shop and the boutique. While other hotels have boutiques, I loved how this one was locally sourced from artisans and I ended up buying something for myself and wishing I could have bought more. 

Montage Los Cabos room, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

The Montage Los Cabos is a really sleek hideaway. It’s not as overtly family friendly as the other hotels but the swimmable shallow beach makes it a great fit for little ones. 

It’s a contemporary take on Mexican style with facilities that make it a real standout from the competitors. 


Los Cabos Pedregal, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

The Resort at Pedregal, newly enfolded in the Waldorf Astoria collection, has a real true sense of place and Mexican vibrancy. 

It is closer to the town of Cabo San Lucas for those who like the nightlife and accessibility to small shops but getting there is a real treat. Once you pass the gate, your car will wind through the hills and into a dark tunnel. 

You emerge on the other side of the rocks and pull up to the hotel. The buildings weave into the natural landscape so expect lots of stairs and hilly places. 

The resort is unofficially divided into two sections - the connecting rooms area for families and the “adults” area. The pools in the family area are more shallow and the adults area has sleek infinity pools and jacuzzis. 

Los Cabos Pedregal room

The rooms are folksy with Otomi prints and colorful tiles. The best category is the ocean front room with it’s own beach views, private plunge pool, and outdoor fireplace. 

The best feature of the property is, without a doubt, the cliffside restaurant El Farallon. Words can’t capture how romantic and charming this restaurant is. 

Dinner at El Farallon

On arrival, you’re given your choice of champagne while you sit and watch the waves crash on the rocks below. We were warned that we might be splashed but on such a balmy night, we didn’t mind. The views are amazing - we were treated to a full moon rising over the ocean and a group of sea lions playing in the waves. 

After the champagne, you are brought over to a case of fresh fish to choose your main course and sides. They will talk you through the differences between all the fish and help you decide. We went for a sampling of each and everything was amazing. 

Even if you stay elsewhere in Cabo, this restaurant is worth a visit!


Villa at Las Ventanas, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

Ah, Las Ventanas. Every corner of this resort is romantic and whimsical. 

Even though it’s located on the same beach as Grand Velas and a few other resorts, it feels very private. The many buildings of the resort are spread out and wrap around several pools so that there are enough unique spaces to hideaway for the day.

Room at Las Ventanas, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

The infinity pools are breathtaking and the singular trees with lanterns really set the atmosphere. 

The rooms are spacious with both indoor and outdoor seating areas and the bathrooms are showstoppers with large tubs. You can picture yourself enjoying the room bathed in candlelight and a cozy fire. You can even have your own customized blend of aromatic oils. 

The telescope in the rooms encourages you to get outside and check out the thousands of stars overhead. 

Beach bar at Las Ventanas, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

Overall, the Ventanas feels exclusive, romantic, and full of heart. Families and couples could be equally happy here but it feels so serene that couples would likely enjoy it more.



The beach at The Cape, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

Our final stop was The Cape. The Thompson brand is known for its youthful spirit and hip interiors and this hotel definitely delivered. 

I didn’t love the location nestled in with several other hotels but the lobby was a real “wow” moment. The interiors are perfect for Instagram moments and I loved the mix of outdoor and indoor spaces with midcentury modern pieces. 

The Cape boasts the best views of Cabo’s famous arch and the beach below has that California cool vibe with local surfers in the waves. 

Room at The Cape, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

The restaurant was delicious and the service impeccable. My favorite area of the hotel was the spa because it was so dramatically stark and minimal. The lines cut into the concrete allowed views out to the ocean and beams of light during sunset. Treatments can even take place outside on the beach in private cabanas. 

The rooftop bar was fun and inviting and we were told there is quite a scene there so it’s a great fit for those who want a little excitement. 

My only negative about the hotel is that the rooms are in need of a refresh. While I like the style, they almost feel too young and I think a better selection of art would elevate it a bit more. I also did not like how there is no privacy on the balcony and you can see and hear your neighbors next door. 

Final takeaway? Book The Cape if you are in your 20s or 30s, want a cool hotel with good service, and don’t mind the crowded beach or lack of privacy. 

The gorgeous spa, pools, and views with kind people makes it worth a visit. 


Lobby at Four Seasons Los Cabos, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

This is one of the only times in my life that I can say I had the fortune of staying at a Four Seasons hotel with only 4 other people on property. This was a special sneak preview of the new Los Cabos development and while it officially opens on October 1st, 2019, I would personally wait a few months to let the dust settle before booking a stay there. 

The hotel is unlike anything we saw in Cabo - in fact, it’s not even in Cabo. It’s an hour and a half drive north through windy roads and lush vegetation. It’s remote, it’s secluded, it’s no where near the crowds. 

There are a couple of reasons for this. Like their Four Seasons Punta Mita property, they are developing the “East Cape” to be a destination in of itself. In addition to a sprawling golf course, there will eventually be a private marina and a hotel complex inclusive of an Aman and a Soho House. 

The resort itself is what you’d expect of a Four Seasons. It was the largest hotel we saw during our visit. There’s enough space to hold conferences and there are multi bedroom villas available for families. 

One of many pools at the Four Seasons Los Cabos, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

It’s located on a beach with calm water - so calm that it almost looks like a lake. They have an on site water sports team to help kids enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, and the water trampoline. 

There are several pools and the adult pool is sleek with a submerged fire pit seating area. 

The restaurant boasts one of the finest Greek chefs in the world along with the Mexican classics. 

But let’s talk about my favorite part - the rooms! I’ve come to expect a certain style in a Four Seasons hotel room and I was excited to see that the designers incorporated much of the local flair in the room. 

Entry level rooms at Four Seasons Los Cabos, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

I could not believe how much I wanted every single piece in the room. The woven blankets and textiles, the unique wallpaper, the splashes of blush and colored textiles, and my personal favorite, the ombre curtain that matched the ocean line - it was all something I would dream up for my apartment. And let’s not forget the most important thing of a Four Seasons room - the Four Seasons bed!

One word - heavenly. 

Overall, it will be a beautiful resort once completed and the landscaping is charming. The remote location means that there are tons of butterflies everywhere and you can see all of the stars without light pollution. It will certainly feel even more like a paradise and it is definitely for those who are loyal to the Four Seasons brand and just want ultimate pampering in a remote location. 

Well, there you have it! Clearly there are tons of reasons to explore Los Cabos and these unique hotels make it worth the visit alone. 

Don’t forget, by getting in touch for your trip to Cabo today, you will be eligible for hundreds in savings through the Virtuoso amenities. 

The Cape view of The Arch, photo courtesy of Red Letter Travel

Which hotel is your favorite?