What Type of Traveler Are You?

There has never been an easier time to travel. Sure, we may still complain about those overnight flights or delays and layovers but with a quick phone call, your flight is changed, you’re on your way, and you may even have a voucher in your pocket - certainly, that’s better than the old days of travels when you could only go by land or sea.

Some of the first Brownell Travelers, courtesy of Brownell Travel

Did you know that my host agency, Brownell Travel, is the oldest travel agency in America?

On July 4, 1887 Walter A. Brownell and ten guests set sail from New York aboard the SS Devonia bound for Europe. Little did they know, these intrepid travelers were the first roots of a legacy that has served more than 75,000 clients throughout the decades.

Back then, there was only one type of travel, most likely following “The Grand Tour” through Europe. Nowadays, there are dozens of ways to see a destination that completely fit your personal travel style.

Travel advisors are usually the best way to help you figure out what kind of travel you want to do but I’ve made it easy for you by putting together this QUIZ.

The Adventurer

Adventure travel is growing in popularity. With so many people stuck in their offices all week, and sometimes even on the weekends, more travelers want to get out of their comfort zone and experience something they’ll never forget.

There are a few core values to being an adventurous traveler:

  1. Sustainability - Your favorite moments of being an adventurous traveler are when you are submerged in nature so it makes sense that you want to do everything you can to preserve the natural world and reduce your strain on local communities. DeSalvio Travel has several partners that focus on reducing your footprint and giving back.
  2. Exploration - Those touristy places are just not for you. Through the help of my agency, I can help advise adventurous travelers the right time to go to avoid crowds, the off the beaten path locations with the best views, or the secondary cities that are even more beautiful than the favorites on Instagram.
  3. Adaptability - Things will inevitably go wrong. That’s part of travel and part of life. Luckily, with the attitude of an adventurous traveler, you know you can adjust your expectations and get on with your day. You’ll tell yourself, “this will make a great story one day.”

As an adventure traveler, you will want to pick destinations that have a great mix of culture and immersive natural experiences.

The Romantic

Romance travel is a very important part of relationships. Whether it’s just for a weekend getaway or for an elaborate Honeymoon, it’s vital to slow down and connect with your partner.

Bill Murray once famously said, “If you have someone you think is the one, take them and travel around the world. Buy a plane ticket for the two of you to travel all over the world, to places that are hard to reach and hard to get out of. And when you land at JFK and you're still in love with that person, get married.”

He’s not wrong. Travel can be the biggest test of a relationship but it has surprising lasting benefits. Several studies show that experiencing new things together helps deepen relationships and another study says that couples who travel together have better sex lives than their stationary counterparts. If that’s not motivating enough to put a trip on the calendar, I’m not sure what is!

When you travel with your partner, have a healthy mix of activities you both love and compromise on your accommodations. When you’re both relaxed and happy, it will be easier to have open conversations or the confidence to try new things together.

Incorporate some solo exploration time to give you something new to talk about over your romantic dinners.

The Wellness Seeker

Wellness is the newest trend in the luxury travel industry sphere and we’ve seen an influx of crystal healing, meditation, spa treatments, green smoothies, and boutique fitness classes across our social media feeds. The age of “goop” is here to stay and hotels are changing to accommodating these trends.

At wellness focused hotels, you’ll find a bevy of fitness offerings and nutrition coaches. Some go as far as to check out your genetic makeup or have your doctor send them a full report ahead of time so they can help fix any of your health queries on arrival.

There are also spa specific destinations, such as Mii Amo in Sedona or Body Holiday in St. Lucia, that focus on bringing the body back to its full potential through massage therapy. Even though you technically never leave the resort or surrounding area, you will be brought through a “journey” through customized spa treatments, everything from sound meditation to reiki healing.

While you can add an element of wellness to every trip you take, a complete wellness journey will take a holistic view of both spiritual and physical health through traditional and non-traditional healing methods.

The goal of this type of travel is a total reset and rejuvenation.

The Cruiser

Admittedly, not everyone is a cruiser. Cruises these days are no longer one size fits all and companies have gone to lengths to incorporate more adventure and wellness trends both aboard the ship and in their shore excursions.

Smaller cruise ships, especially river cruises or barges, are less than 100 cabins and promote a healthy mix of leisure and activity. Some ships even have their own organic gardens on the top deck to provide the freshest herbs for their all inclusive meals.

If you’ve ever traveled through Europe, you may experience this scenario:

You get to the train station, the workers are on strike, there are no trolleys for your bags and there are no elevators. Finally, after the protests have passed and you’ve managed to drag your bags onto the train, your ticket says 1st class but the train car certainly doesn’t look first class and there’s no wi-fi to entertain you on your journey. When you arrive at your next destination, you have to drag your bags all over again to a taxi and navigate the way to your hotel with someone who may or may not speak English. The narrow windy streets may make for charming pictures but the reality is you can’t reach your hotel by car so you have to drag your bags again through all the alleys and up the stairs. When you finally reach your hotel, you are exhausted and collapse on the bed only to realize the air conditioning is definitely not as “cool” as you’re used to.

Depending on your travel type, this could be your worst nightmare.

Now, imagine this instead:

You are brought to the port by private car, your luggage stowed safely in back and you don’t see it again until you are dropped off in your cabin, with the cool AC and a river view. The next morning, you’re up and at em to explore a new charming European city without the hassle of trains or bags.

If larger ships don’t appeal to you but you love the water, it’s easy to charter boats in the Caribbean, Turkey, or Indonesia. You’ll maximize your time of seeing hidden coves and dive spots while having the comfort of not moving from place to place.

Now, that you know the different types of travel, which one do you prefer? Or would you do a mix of all 4?

Personally, I am a mix of adventure and romantic. I love balancing my time in charming cities, visiting every museum, taking photographs of unique architecture, strolling through botanic gardens with adventurous activities in more remote, naturally stunning places.

Now, that you know the different types of travel, which one do you prefer? Or would you do a mix of all 4? Share your results on Facebook!

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